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Ultra Energy is pleased to offer the Oil & Gas and other industries our Quick Ship program to give you the option to receive select in-stock, thermowells parts fast! This ordering option is best for immediate needs or emergency shut down situations.

Orders placed before 12pm CT will ship the following business day. We can ship the products worldwide. Orders placed on a Friday, Saturday, or U.S. holiday will ship the next standard business day. There is a maximum quantity of 2 items per product listed per order.

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Questions? For immediate assistance reach out to Ultra Energy at (512) 434-2800.

Quick Ship SKU's. About this grid.
Short DescriptionProcess ConnectionInsertion LengthQuick ShipSku NumberQtyRequested Ship DateRetail PriceYour Price/
Projected Ship Date
Thermowell: 1/2" NPT process, .260" bore, 4.5" insertion, 316SS material1/2" NPT 4.5"True0341-001-0005
Thermowell: 1/2" NPT process, .260" bore, 7.5" insertion, 316SS material1/2" NPT7.5"True0341-001-0002
Thermowell: 1/2" NPT, .260" bore, 10.5" insertion, 316SS material1/2" NPT 10.5"True0341-001-0007
Thermowell: 3/4" NPT, .260" bore, 2.5" insertion, 316SS, 1/2" Shank OD3/4" NPT2.5"True0341-001-0011
Thermowell: 3/4" NPT, .260" bore, 4.5" insertion, 316SS mateiral3/4" NPT4.5"True0341-001-0012
Thermowell: 3/4" NPT, .260" bore, 7.5" insertion, 316SS material3/4" NPT7.5"True0341-001-0035
Thermowell: 3/4" NPT, .260" bore, 10.5" insertion, 316SS3/4" NPT10.5"True0341-001-0014
Termowell: 1/2" NPT, .260" bore, 2.5" insertion, 316SS material, 1/2" SHANK OD1/2" NPT 2.5"True0341-001-0004
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