EOTec 2000 Digital Data Links

The FOT-CC and FOR-CC Fiber Optic Transmitter/Receiver can be used to transmit contact closure data over long distances. DIN Rail mount housings enable easy mounting on industry standard hardware. The FOT-CC Transmitter provides a closed contact signal to the FOR-CC Receiver, which activates a Single Pole Double Throw (SPDT) relay. These devices can be used with 50/125 to 200/230um fiber optic cable and provide ground loop isolation.

Digital Data Links
Model Number Description Input/Output Optical Connector Type
FOT-CC-850-MM Transmitter, Multi-Mode, 850nm Dry Contact Input ST
FOT-CC-1300-MM Transmitter, Multi-Mode, 1300nm Dry Contact Input ST
FOT-CC-1300-SM-STD Transmitter, Single Mode, 1300nm, Standard Power Dry Contact Input ST
FOT-CC-1300-SM-HI Transmitter, Single Mode, 1300nm, Hi-Power Dry Contact Input ST
FOR-CC-850-MM Receiver, Multi-Mode or Single Mode, 1300nm Form-C Relay Output ST
FOR-CC-1300-MM/SM Receiver, Multi-Mode or Single Mode, 1300nm Form-C Relay Output ST
PSM-CC Power Supply 100-250Vac Input, 24Vdc @
200mA Output
Not Applicable
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