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Leidos Sensors. About this grid.
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HVAC: 713-PD-W-24 713-PD-W-24$266.00
HVAC: 713-PD-W-24/4500H 713-PD-W-24/4500H (-20 to 180F)$382.00
HVAC: 713-PD-W-24-SF 713-PD-W-24-SF$266.00
HVAC: 713-PD-W-24-SF/4500H 713-PD-W-24-SF/4500H (-20 to 180F)$382.00
HVAC: 713-PD-W-3 713-PD-W-3$234.00
HVAC: 713-PD-W-35/4500H 713-PD-W-35/4500H (-20 to 180F)$404.00
HVAC: 713-PD-W-60/4500H 713-PD-W-60/4500H (-20 to 180F)$454.00
HVAC: 713-PD-W-60-SF/4500H 713-PD-W-60-SF/4500H (-20 to 180F)$454.00
HVAC: 723-PB-W-3-SF/4500H 723-PB-W-3-SF/4500H (-20 TO 180f)$292.00
HVAC: 733-PB-W-12 733-PB-W-12$150.00
HVAC: 733-PB-W-18 733-PB-W-18$156.00
HVAC: 733-PB-W-18/4500H 733-PB-W-18/4500H (-20 to 180F)$272.00
HVAC: 733-PB-W-18-SF 733-PB-W-18-SF$156.00
HVAC: 733-PB-W-18-SF/4500H 733-PB-W-18-SF/4500H (-20 to 180F)$272.00
HVAC: 733-TM-W-18-SF 733-TM-W-18-SF$214.00
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